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  • February 14, 2015
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In attempt to revive my badly-neglected blog, my new surroundings in LA have inspired me to share some of my favorite films that are off the beaten path. Looking for something new and/or different to rent or stream? Your search is over. I’ll post a new one here every week.


This 1994 New Zealand film was one of director Peter Jackson’s (LOTR trilogy) first features. Based on the real Parker–Hulme murder case in which two teenage girls in 1950s Christchurch conspired to commit a murder, the film marks the screen debut of Kate Winslet. Not to be confused with the horribly mediocre Beautiful Creatures from last year, Heavenly Creatures is a fascinating dissection of adolescent obsession and told with tremendous visual imagination that would give the world its first glimpse of Jackson’s vision. Particularly outstanding are the brilliant debut performances of teenagers Winslet and her co-star, Melanie Lynskey. The former went on to much greater fame, but the latter is equally amazing.

Roger Ebert called it “enthralling and frightening.” Available on disc and streaming from Netflix. Uncle Jeffy says, “Check it out!”

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