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Awesome Beatles’ Cover

  • July 31, 2013
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I have a fondness for cover songs—remakes of famous tunes—and the more obscure the “coverer,” the better. Today I was listening to an internet radio station that specialized in Beatles oddities, and I heard this track by a duo named Jette-Ives. This reimagining of the Beatles’ I Want You (She’s So Heavy), a John Lennon song from Abbey Road, is one of the more inventive covers I’ve ever heard! It becomes a totally different type of song while retaining—and enhancing—its core essence. Lennon’s raunchy scream of lust becomes a seductive eargasm when delivered by lead singer Jette Kelly’s sultry contralto.

A quick Google search found the duo’s web site, but since it hasn’t been updated since 2007, I can only conclude that the band is, sadly, defunct. But they described their music as “aphrodisiac nightclub noir” and I love them for that alone. Oddly, this track is nowhere to be found on their site, but check out their other music…

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