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Tony Thoughts

  • June 10, 2013
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Impressions on the Tony Awards…

No, I didn’t attend. These observations come from the comfort of my NJ living room:

  • Personal Highlight of the Night: Neil Patrick Harris mentioning Frankenstein, The Musical in his musical/play mash-up bit!
  • Close 2nd: Watching the performance by the cast of A Christmas Story, The Musical — the only holiday show to EVER get a “Best Musical” nomination.
  • Bittersweet Moment: Friend and colleague Roy Miller included in the montage of people who’ve passed on over the past year.
  • Observation: Holy crap, can Jane Lynch SING!
  • Random Snark: Really? Does The Lion King really need that much promoting?
  • Begrudging Admission: As much as I wanted ACS to win—AND as much as I hate Broadway’s penchant for star-f**king, I do love Cyndi Lauper and smiled all through her acceptance speech.
  • Props to: Laura Benanti for poking fun at her two cancelled TV series.
  • Embarrassed admission: I swear to God, all these years I thought Daryl Roth was a man.
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