Jeffrey Jackson


Elliot Leeds is dead—or is he? After a software mogul dies suddenly, his grieving widow discovers his greatest creation: a virtual reality “simulation” of himself that lives on in the systems and screens of their high-tech mansion. With biting wit and palpable emotion, Two Point Oh explores the place where human innovation collides with humanity in a story of love, loss, mortality and the meaning of existence. Its unusual format calls for the lead actor to be seen only via a video screen and its cutting-edge satire takes aim not only at our way-too-wired world, but the current media culture, social networking, and the 21st century marriage.


Two Point Oh made its New York debut in October of 2013 in a 16-performance showcase at 59E59 Theatres. Jack Noseworthy headlined the cast and the New York Times called it “smart, provocative, and funny.” Critics and audiences alike embraced the production, which augurs well for a return to NYC in the near future.